When it comes to impressions, it's all about capturing the margins.

The deeper you go, the better your marginal integrity. So think deep, with Take 1™  Hydro™ . Featuring one of the industry's lowest contact angles (‎≤ 10°) available on uncured material, Take 1 Hydro pushes impression material deep into the sulcus to easily displace blood, saliva, and other fluids. The result is more consistent, detailed, and accurate impressions on the first try - minimizing time-consuming retakes that lead to patient frustration.

Watch how Take 1 Hydro improves the flow and spread of impression material when compared to other products - allowing it to go deeper into the sulcus for better margins.

Take 1 Hydro


Aquasil Ultra+ LV


Imprint4 Light


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Take 1 Advanced

Actual Sample: Two 50ML Cartridges $59.99 MSRP Value