Our cement adapts to your style, not the other way around.

Nexus™ Universal

A Universal Adhesive Resin Cement

There is no wrong way to cement with Nexus Universal. Get the freedom and flexibility to keep using your preferred cementation technique - or cut the complexity of typical cementation processes by up to 50% with a dark cure. Nexus Universal also pairs with leading universal bonding agents including OptiBond™ Universal.

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Simplify Cementation without compromising bond strength


Restore Your Waywith Nexus Universal

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Get the freedom and flexibility to keep using your preferred cementation technique.


Better Bond Strength with Nexus Universal

Nexus Universal's Bond Compatibility to OptiBond Universal and other Bonding Agents


*Both RelyX Ultimate/Scotchbond Universal and Multilink/Primer A/B systems showed statistically lower bond strength compared to Nexus Universal cement with any of the tested bonding agent (p<0.05).


Nexus Universal ChromaColor Cleanup Indicator

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When the pink disappears, you’re ready to clean up!

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Experience More Color Stability for Maintained Aesthetics

Nexus Universal features a proprietary redox initiator system which virtually eliminates discoloration common in BPO/tertiary initiator systems. This results in better color stability and long-term aesthetics.

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Matthew Miller, DDS

Huntersville, NC