The OP 3D system from KaVo is the newest member of the legendary ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH product family; it respects the legacy, yet renews the meaning of image quality, efficiency and ease-of-use.


Entering the world of 3D imaging has never been easier. Schedule a demo today or learn more below.

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For over a century, the KaVo name has been synonymous with high-quality and dependable products for dental professionals. Leveraging over 5 decades of the innovation and successes of OP, KaVo now confidently adds this popular and reliable system to its trusted bands.


Designed for Efficiency

Every feature of the OP 3D is designed to increase practice efficiency. Preparing the unit for a scan is fast with an intuitive patient positioning system and graphical user-interface. Imaging protocols are optimized for practice workflows.


NEW FEATURE: ORTHOselect for Optimized Workflow


The desired imaging area can be selected intuitively with the ORTHOselect user-interface. Selections can be made as individual teeth, an entire upper or lower jaw, or TMJ. The optimum field-of-view (FOV) is set automatically based on the selection.

NEW FEATURE: Customized FOVs with SMARTVIEW 2.0


With OP 3D, the number of FOV sizes is practically unlimited. SMARTVIEW 2.0 user-interface enables choosing the most optimum FOV size for the clinical need as the FOV height and width can be freely adjusted from the taken scout image.

QUICKcompose Feature for Fast Image Review

QUICKcompose, available for both panoramic and 3D modalities, offers a quick preview of the captured image allowing for timely evaluation.

Variety of Resolutions


Low Dose Technology scan

(LDT) can be utilized in dose-sensitive cases and in control and follow-up scans where patient dose is to be minimized, or lower resolution is acceptable.


Standard resolution scan

With optimized patient dose can be used for general diagnostics.


High resolution scan

Offers extremely sharp images for more detailed diagnosis.


Endo resolution scan

With 80µm voxel size specially designed for endodontic applications. Endo resolution is available for the 5 x 5 FOV.

The OP 3D Fields-of-View are Based on True Clinical Need

FOV 5 x 5 cm

Optimized for endodontics, single-site implants, impactions and localized diagnostics.

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FOV 6 x 9 cm

Covers the complete lower or upper jaw with opposing occlusion.

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FOV 9 x 11 cm

Covers the entire dentition, including both lower and upper jaw as well a portion of maxillary sinus.

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FOV 9 x 14 cm (Optional)

Encompasses the  maxillofacial region.

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2D Panoramic


ORTHOfocus Feature—Sharp Images Automatically

With the ORTHOfocus feature, the optimum panoramic image layer is automatically obtained enabling forgiving patient positioning. The result is consistent image quality every time.


Sustainable Green Solution

The OP 3D replaces lead typically used for tubehead radiation shielding designs with a more ecological and environmentally friendly alternative that provides equivalent radiation attenuation. Plus, the power save feature of this system reduces overall energy consumption of the practice.



The OP 3D offers a complete X-ray platform—2D and 3D—designed for your advanced dental imaging needs. From initial investment to the daily use of the system, you can count on your OP 3D to be a sound, cost-effective asset in your dental practice. Each time-saving feature of the OP 3D is designed to increase practice efficiency and workflow to further enhance your investment.

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